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Magnetic Equipment
Magnetic Equipments are used in many industrial applications such as to separate a mixture various metals and non metals. These can also be used for cleaning in metal fabrication industries by collecting waste metal chips.

Electro Magnetic Equipment
Electro Magnetic Equipment are equipped with man made magnets. Their magnetic intensity can be controlled easily by varying the value of provided current. They are available in different size as per client's requirement.

Vibrating Equipment
Vibrating Equipments operates by utilizing both vibrations and gravity. They are used for many applications such as feeder, separator etc., These equipments have high strength which help to overcome high speed and vibration.
Neodymium Magnet
Neodymium magnets are widely used in a variety of sectors, including electronics, transportation, healthcare, aerospace, and alternative energy. They are extremely useful in applications like electric motors, headphones, magnetic treatment equipment because of their capacity to produce a strong magnetic field in a small package. 
Metal And Magnet Separator
Metal and Magnet Separators are essential for maintaining product integrity, ensuring workplace safety, and streamlining production processes in a variety of industrial sectors. They can be used to remove unwanted metal contaminants from bulk materials, clean recyclables, or protect downstream machinery from metal damage.
Magnetic Filter Fabricator

This array of magnetic Strainers has been developed from stainless steel of premium quality. Produced as per DIN norms, these strainers are suitable for media like liquefied ammonia and liquid methane.

Drum Magnetic Separator
The Drum Magnetic Separator's flexibility to different material kinds and sizes is one of its main features. This adaptable machinery is a significant tool in various industrial applications since it can efficiently handle a broad range of materials, from small powders to huge pieces. 
Vibrating Equipments
This vibrating equipment is used by sectors including mining, polymers, and packaging to maintain a constant material flow, avoid jams or obstructions, and ultimately improve the efficiency and dependability of their manufacturing processes. It is a crucial instrument in contemporary industrial settings, greatly enhancing output, product quality, and operational accuracy.
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating screens are a vital instrument in industrial processes where perfect particle separation is crucial for product quality and process efficiency because to its durable design, minimal maintenance needs, and flexibility to diverse working circumstances. Both fine particles and large aggregates may be handled by these screens with ease.
Magnetic Equipments
By enhancing productivity, product quality, and equipment protection across a variety of industrial sectors with their outstanding instruments, Magnetic Equipment has become an essential part of contemporary manufacturing and material handling operations.   
Magnetic Roll Separator
The Magnetic Roll Separator is a dependable and effective method for improving product quality and decreasing waste in industrial operations, whether it is for the extraction of priceless minerals, the recycling of metals, or the removal of ferrous contaminants in food items.
Magnetic Destoner
Magnetic Destoners are a crucial tool for companies looking to maintain the highest levels of purity and performance in their operations because of their adaptability, efficiency, and contribution to product quality.  They are a crucial part of quality assurance and product safety procedures.

Cleaning Machine
In both home and industrial contexts, cleaning machines are an essential class of appliances that make substantial contributions to cleanliness, hygiene, and general well-being. To assure the removal of dirt, debris, and pollutants, these gadgets make use of cutting-edge technology and creative design ideas.
Industrial Magnets
We are offering a wide range of robust and sturdy Industrial Magnets designed for several industrial applications. Get these premium-grade magnetic tools as per your requirements with an assurance of fast and safe delivery at a reasonable price.
Flour Mill Machine
Linux Magnetics is a Gujarat, India-based manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty Flour Mill Machines that come in different variants as per their sizes and processing capacities. Order from us these productive machines as per your needs.
Gyro Screen
Gyro Screen machines are high-speed industrial sifters that are designed that are designed to separate granular and powdered substances as per their grain sizes. The stainless steel body of these machines impart high rigidity and strength to bear extreme loads and vibrations.

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