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Magnetic Equipment
Magnetic Equipments are used in many industrial applications such as to separate a mixture various metals and non metals. These can also be used for cleaning in metal fabrication industries by collecting waste metal chips.

Electro Magnetic Equipment
Electro Magnetic Equipment are equipped with man made magnets. Their magnetic intensity can be controlled easily by varying the value of provided current. They are available in different size as per client's requirement.

Vibrating Equipment
Vibrating Equipments operates by utilizing both vibrations and gravity. They are used for many applications such as feeder, separator etc., These equipments have high strength which help to overcome high speed and vibration.
Magnetic Filter Fabricatior

This array of magnetic Strainers has been developed from stainless steel of premium quality. Produced as per DIN norms, these strainers are suitable for media like liquefied ammonia and liquid methane.

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